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As part of its policy for the integration and expansion of producers to international markets, it receives services from Entre Ríos Trading: an offshore company specialized in providing marketing services, risk management, and marketing of natural rubber.

The main goal of this company is to offer an efficient natural rubber marketing process to producers in the region. The company takes an avant-garde step, going from a traditional intermediation system to an innovative and transparent model of marketing services

Through its strategically ally, RCMA Commodities Asia, exclusive sales agent of Entre Ríos Trading, the company provides innovative natural rubber marketing solutions in international markets, offering complete transparency in sales. RCMA Commodities Asia is one of the largest rubber traders in the world, handling more than 660,000 tons of natural rubber and works with companies in: United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore, Vietnam, and China.

Entre Ríos Trading offers and develops effective strategies to convert rubber producers into direct exporters, generating tangible benefits in profitability, and competitiveness. It also gives specialized clients the opportunity to set prices and volumes based on future markets in the Singapore, SGX market.

To provide marketing services for Natural Rubber and Latex in the world market, facilitating price risk management tools for its clients.

¨  Entre Ríos Trading es un vehículo para transportar el hule del productor al mercado internacional, fortaleciendo la cadena del suministro¨


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